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For Contractors & Property Owners

Why Solar Hot Water Pool Heating for Apartments, Hotels, and Condominiums Just Makes Sense


Solar Hot Water and Pool Heating makes economic sense TODAY.

Property owners can take advantage of reduced utility costs and available state and federal solar tax incentives. For California property owners there are additional opportunities for generous Solar Rebates through the California Solar Initiative Thermal (CSI) Program.


In the case of commercial multi-family properties that are in need of equipment upgrades (including solar systems more than ten years old), installing a new solar thermal system, is an opportunity to efficiently replace aging and poorly performing equipment with a state-of-the-art designed solar system.


For apartment owners, solar thermal and commercial pool heating provides strong return on investment and increases property value, in addition to attracting tenants who favor housing that reduces carbon footprints by implementing alternative energy solutions.


What does SunUp Systems need to know in order to best assist you in determining the feasibility of adding solar hot water and/or pool heating on your project?  Fill-out our on-line Project Request Form and submit. SunUp System’s Technical Advisors are standing by to assist you.



For Dealers and Distributors

5 Ways SunUp Systems' Dealers and Distributors to Successfully Market


SunUp takes a comprehensive systems approach to solar energy heating by  combining reliable and durable Solar Thermal collectors, custom engineered racking systems, prepackaged component assemblies, and flexible-sized storage tanks for commercial solar thermal applications.  We also take pride in our comprehensive approach to customer service by supporting our dealers and distributors with customized solutions based on your customer's specific project.


Here are 5 ways we support our dealers and distributors:


   1. Accessible advisory technical support

   2. Troubleshooting assistance

   3. Installation training at our site or your site

   4. Economic feasibility modeling for professional bids

   5. Custom design and engineering of product and materials to address project-

       specific needs


We know solar heating of commercial projects can be complex and challenging because we have 35 years of experience pricing, quoting, designing, building, installing, troubleshooting, and tracking performance of solar hot water systems.


SunUp Systems is pleased to provide professional references from completed solar projects in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Coachella Valley.  

Visit our project sites to see the variety of building structures we have installed solar energy systems on. Urban high rises, sprawling multi-family apartments, historic properties, state and federally funded low-income housing projects, large country clubs with multiple commercial pools, hotels and motels are all within our expertise.  Our systems have been installed on every roofing type using techniques that result in an aesthetic and high-performing system design.  Collector mounting structures have ranged from our prepackaged “ease of installation” racks, to ground mounted; from carport installations to monumental racking structures.  


Contact us to learn more about Solar Thermal products and services and to find out how we can support dealers and distributors as they enter the solar energy thermal market or expand their current customer base.  We can show you how to deliver more BTUs per dollar spent, simplify installation, minimize purchasing inefficiencies and access knowledgeable technical support.

For the World Market

Want to know more about solar collectors and systems for the International Market? Contact us for further information on distribution opportunities, pricing, and technical support.

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