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Interested in becoming a SunUp Partner? WE CAN PARTNER


We Need Licensed C46 Contractors to Install Commercial Projects in Southern California.  Contact us to learn more about subcontracting opportunities. Prenegotiated contracts, predesigned systems, technical support. Send inquiries to and reference "solar installer."


SunUp Systems partners in several areas by bringing our commercial solar thermal expertise to compatible businesses.  


•If you are a solar thermal contractor focused only on residential but want to expand to the commercial market, WE CAN PARTNER.


•If you are a solar PV company that wants to include solar thermal in your project bids to expand your product and service offerings,



•If you are a manufacturer’s representative or dealer currently engaged in commercial energy efficiency products and want to add solar thermal collectors and racks to your product line, WE CAN PARTNER.


•If you are an investor interested in private financing of commercial solar projects, including non-profits, WE CAN PARTNER.


      Jobs Solar Thermal Installation - So. California

    Basic Requirements:


- C46, B or C10 license

- CLSB Active

- General Liability Insurance

- Auto Insurance

- Workers Comp or Waiver

- Experience with solar hot water or pool systems

- Commercial experience preferred

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Industry Partnerships and Cross-functional Teams

To Address Commercial Solar Hot Water Needs