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Company Legacy

Rick Rothman, founder  of SunUp Systems, was instrumental in the development of residential and commercial solar energy thermal systems, beginning in 1977 in San Diego and the Southern California Region.  He formed his first company in 1978 called Solar Transition Inc., with the goal of “transitioning” away from fossil fuels to heat water. Rothman delivered a wide range of commercial solar system solutions to the retrofit and new construction markets. Home developers, such as McMillin Construction, Comfort Construction and Time For Living, embraced solar energy in their marketing programs to attract savvy homebuyers who wanted to save energy and reduce utility bills. “All Our Homes Are Plugged Into The Sun” was one developer’s slogan that showcased the new technology that proved to be a reliable and durable alternative energy for residential homeowners for many years to come.


Rothman simultaneously established “win-win” partnerships between investors and apartment owners and through 1986 retrofitted several thousand apartments with solar micro-utility systems, implementing lease and energy purchase agreements that were the precursors to today’s EPAs and PPAs. More than 20,000 SunUp Collectors and thousands of SunUp Systems established the SunUp brand in the solar thermal industry.


SunUp Systems today draws on the legacy from Solar Transition to serve a unique sector of the solar industry. Since 2012, more than 100 commercial SunUp Systems using 2,000 collectors have provided heating of 100,000 gallons of water and our clients have received over $2 million in California Solar Initiative (CSI)  Rebate dollars. SunUp Pool Heating Systems are now heating more than half-a-million gallons a day. We were among the first to install and receive rebates for clients under the CSI Commercial Pool Rebate program.





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SunUp Systems are custom designed to meet the challenges of heating water for domestic and industrial use in the commercial building sector.


Partnering with developers, property managers and installing contractors, SunUp brings its expertise in project design and product selection to result in efficient and cost-effective systems, built to last.


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